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DustTrak Aerosol Monitor Environmental Enclosure

SKU: 8535

The Environmental Enclosure 8535 is a portable, weatherproof enclosure custom built to house DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor units outdoors or in harsh industrial environments.

Product Details

The  Environmental Enclosure 8535 protects the DustTrak II and DRX Aerosol Monitor Models 8530, 8530EP, 8533 and 8533EP. This environmental enclosure allows you to make the same accurate and precise measurements in harsh environments.

Features and benefits

  • Engineered to confidently measure air quality even in the harshest of surroundings
  • Omni-directional sampling inlet with extended rain cap ensures all-weather reliability and protects against moisture damage
  • Survey tripod mount for equipment stability, precise positioning and hands-free operation
  • Optional accessories for customizing a solution for specific monitoring challenges
  • On the South Coast AQMD pre-approved list of instruments for Rule 1466


  • Air quality monitoring for regulatory compliance
  • Health and safety in industrial and construction settings
  • Urban planning for informed development decisions
  • Scientific research on air pollution and environmental health
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Vehicle emission testing for pollution control
  • Emergency response during environmental crises
  • Portable air quality research for studies and surveys

Included Items

  • Weatherproof case with survey tripod mount
  • 360 omni-directional sampling inlet
  • Water trap bottle
  • Internal equipment bracket with velcro straps
  • Dust caps
  • Tubing, plug
  • O-rings
  • Weatherproof AC/DC adapter

Optional Accessories

  • Internal Battery System 801807 – Uses two 22 Ah lead acid batteries and battery charger with universal line cord to provide continuous power when dedicated AC power is not available, allowing 24/7 operation
  • Solar Power System 801811 – A kit with two 90-Watt solar panels that work in conjunction with the internal battery system to aid in 24/7 operation when dedicated AC power is not available
  • Heated Inlet Sample Conditioning Modules 801850 (with AutoZero) and 801851 (without AutoZero) – Helps overcome challenges posed by weather conditions by delivering air samples to the measurement instrument in a consistent and controlled manner
  • Heat Shield 801810 – Shields the instrument from direct solar radiation, ensuring accuracy and longevity of the equipment it protects
  • Surveyor’s Tripod 854057 – Heavy-duty aluminum tripod with quick connection, extends up to 67 inches