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Build a Shareable Network of Air Quality Sensors

Build a network of BlueSky Air Quality Monitors

Once your BlueSky monitors are set up and connected to a local Wi-Fi network, you can log into the new TSI Link™ Solutions, and see the air quality data from all your air quality sensors in real-time. Saving or sharing your air quality data is easy. Simply logon to TSI Link Solutions and download the file.

The more monitors you have in your network, the more information you will have about air quality differences between locations. A network of multiple air quality sensors can show trends and hotspots, which can help you and your community make informed decisions.

Share air quality data with your community

BlueSky monitors are a great way for everyone in your community to get involved with improving air quality. When each BlueSky monitor is set up in TSI Link Solutions, the owner can choose whether that monitor’s data is public or private. Public data can be seen by everyone on the platform (including community members), once they create a login.

This public accessibility not only helps get the community involved in improving their air quality, but it also could help them plan their activities. Someone with asthma can check the air quality before going on a hike, or someone with young children can see if the fires elsewhere in the state are impacting their air and whether they should keep the children inside. Public involvement is a powerful tool, and something BlueSky monitors provide.