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Vapor Process Gas (VPG) Filters

Innovation in filter design

Vapor Process Gas (VPG) Filters


Filters are an integral piece of your vaporizing system. Conventional high-purity, point-of-use gas filters are used in compressed gas lines for particle removal. MSP’s VPG filters are also uniquely well-suited to be used downstream of a vaporizer under vacuum flow conditions.

Our VPG filter removes nanometer and micron sized particles from the gas/vapor mixture using a carrier gas, preventing the unwanted particles from being mixed with a chemical precursor vapor for ALD (atomic layer deposition) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) applications.

Learn more about how filters can reduce CVD defects, and how to choose the right filter, in our white paper


Ultra-high efficiency. Extremely low pressure drop. 100% 316 stainless steel.

These patent-protected specialized filters were designed to have an extremely low pressure drop, making it easier to work in an ultra-low pressure environment and reducing the risk of gas phase reactions occurring in the filter.

MSP’s vapor/gas filters are chemically and thermally resistant, have a long filter life, and provide up to twelve 9s of efficiency at 2 nm (99.9999999999% @ 1 standard L/min).

Tubing and components downstream of the vaporizer need to be heat-wrapped to prevent condensation. The solid stainless steel core in our cross-flow design filters provides additional heat exposure acting as a second stage heat exchanger.

Nano-filtration media.

The Nano-Filtration Media used in our VPG-A6 is comprised of sintered stainless steel fibers of a homogeneous construction with efficiency and pressure drop capabilities not previously attainable by conventional sintered powder media construction.


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VPG-A3 Inline Filter

Filtration down to 2 nm and below

VPG-A6 Inline Filter

Filtration down to 2 nm and below

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