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Stainless Steel: 7 reasons why it makes a better airborne particle counter

Using stainless steel to house our remote airborne particle counters makes sense. TSI's Steven Kochevar explains why.

Steven Kochevar explains why stainless steel makes better remote particle countersBy Steven D. Kochevar, TSI Global Product Manager, Contamination Control

On the market, you can find a wide range of airborne particle counters. Many of them are made of polycarbonates and thermoplastics. These materials, while less expensive, don’t meet TSI standards for the AeroTrak®+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters (APCs).

Stainless steel vs. plastic

We manufacture the outer enclosures for our APCs with SAE 304 Stainless Steel (304 SS). Here are a few reasons why:

TSI AeroTrak+ Remote Airborne Particle Counter with 304SS Enclosure

  1. 304 SS is an austenitic stainless steel. It is comprised of 18% chromium and 8% nickel with low carbon.
  2. It is less electrically and thermally conductive than carbon steel.
  3. It is durable and easy to source.
  4. It is essentially non-magnetic.
  5. It is resistant to oxidation and can withstand corrosion from most oxidizing acids.
  6. It is easily cleaned with common solvents or cleaning agents.
  7. It is 100% recyclable, and versatile for a wide variety of applications, including:
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
  • Processes that require equipment cleaning with solvents

Like many TSI instruments, AeroTrak+ Remote APCs meet our customers’ needs for durability, low particulates, ease of cleaning, appearance, and sustainability. 304 SS is part of that winning formula.

“TSI Quality” means that we use the right materials in every instrument to provide the best performance possible. Using 304 SS instead of plastic is just one example of our commitment to reliability, durability, and precision.

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