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Air Velocity Meters

The dependable VelociCalc® Air Velocity Meters measure air velocity and temperature, calculate flow rate and perform statistical calculations

Air Velocity Meters

Some models also measure humidity, and perform dew point and wet bulb temperature calculations.

Professionals have found VelociCalc Air Velocity Meters to be ideal tools for measuring face velocity measurements in fume hoods and spray booths, or for IAQ and ventilation system checks.

Model 9515 is an economical air velocity meter that does not compromise accuracy or precision. It features a 40-inch (101.6-cm) telescoping integrated probe for difficult to reach measurements.

VelociCalc Models 9535 and 9545 thermal anemometers are like having multiple instruments for the price of just one. These meters simultaneously measure and data log several ventilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors. Both models measure velocity, temperature and calculate flow. Model 9545 also measures relative humidity, and calculates dew point, and wet bulb temperature. Models 9535 and 9545 have telescopic straight probes; Models 9535-A and 9545-A have telescopic articulated probes.

Model Selection Guide

Model Probe Type Measurements Calculations Data Logging
9515 telescopic, straight velocity and temperature No No
9535 telescopic, straight velocity and temperature Flow Yes
9535-A telescopic, articulated velocity and temperature Flow Yes


telescopic, straight velocity, temperature and humidity Flow, wet bulb and dewpoint temperature Yes
9545-A telescopic, articulated velocity, temperature and humidity Flow, wet bulb and dewpoint temperature Yes
5725 Optional velocity and temperature Flow Yes


VelociCalc Air Velocity Meter 9545

Measures velocity, temperature, relative humidity / calculates flow, wet bulb and dew point...

VelociCalc Air Velocity Meter 9535

Measures velocity and temperature / calculates flow with a straight, telescopic probe / data...

VelociCalc Air Velocity Meter 9515

$750.00 USD

Measures velocity and temperature with a straight, telescopic probe.

VelociCalc Rotating Vane Anemometer 5725

$945.00 USD

Measures velocity, temperature / calculates flow / data logging / articulating, telescopic...

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