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TSI Link Solutions

TSI Link™ Solutions are designed to harness the power of TSI’s precise measurement instruments and make managing, informing, analyzing, and guiding your decisions easier than ever.
With TSI Link ™ Solutions you have the ability to connect with your air quality data from anywhere at any time and customize an output that fits your needs best. TSI Link™ Solutions are part of an ever-evolving platform that receives frequent updates and enhancements.

TSI Link™ Solutions Software
Remote Device Management, Real-Time Alerts, and a Custom Dashboard

Managing your devices and making informed decisions doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. Simplify the process with TSI Link™ Solutions by remotely managing and viewing your devices status from the comfort of your home or office.
Through the use of our in-app alerts you can lessen daily monitoring, and instead be notified of any device warnings via in-app, email, or SMS. In addition, you can designate customized parameters and be notified if your device gathers readings outside of your set limits.
Improve your efficiency in data analysis by leveraging our dashboard features. Utilizing this user-friendly dashboard enables you to easily communicate with a variety of audiences while visualizing real-time readings and over-time trends.

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TSI Link™ API Data Services & Integration
Accessibility, Connectivity, and Data Analytics

Let our solution reduce the stress and work for extracting data and insights. By sending data to your own platform or integrating with analytic tools, like Excel, third-party software and BSM, our API Data Services will help you focus on what really matters.

TSI Link Data Services allows you to get relevant data, reporting and insights in real-time for easier guidance and better decision-making.

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TSI Link™ Report Creator
Quick and Simplified Custom Reporting for Your Analysis

The Report Creator allows you to easily access Excel® templates for your study, including graphs and smart visualizations, and to save time simplifying data analysis and reporting. The TSI Link™ Standard Connected subscription supports data trasfer via cloud to OmniTrak™ Smart Station as well as CSV file uploads. 

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TSI Link Report Creator Standard Connected

TSI Link™ Report Creator Standard Connected subscription. 
The Report...

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