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Cleanroom Particle Counters

No Interruptions, No Data Loss, No-Hassle Compliance

Cleanroom Particle Counters

TSI’s cleanroom facility environmental monitoring products with built-in redundancy provide the confidence you need to reliably monitor critical processes and demonstrate compliance. Eliminate waste, interventions and interruptions using TSI:

CLICK HERE to learn more about TSI's complete and robust environmental monitoring system—designed to ALCOA+ principles and automating many data integrity touchpoints.


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Come and chat with our in-house experts about TSI's reliable environmental monitoring instruments and how to meet new Annex 1 requirements.

Video Demo

Nanoparticles impact yield in semiconductor fabrication. This demo compares nanoparticle detection using a TSI AeroTrak 9001 Cleanroom CPC and a 0.1 µm particle counter.

Looking for Particle Counters for Environmental Research and Monitoring?

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