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Source — PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

  • Understanding the Non-Equivalency of Bio-Fluorescent Particle Counts versus the Colony Forming Unit. Read abstract >
  • Challenges Encountered in the Implementation of Bio-Fluorescent Particle Counting Systems as a Routine Microbial Monitoring Tool. Read abstract >
  • A Discussion on Bio-fluorescent Particle Counters: Summary of the Process and Environmental Monitoring Methods Working Group Meeting with the FDA Emerging Technology Team. Read abstract >
  • Environmental and Personnel Monitoring Programs—A Risk-Based Case Study of Cutibacterium acnesRead abstract >
  • Continuous Microbiological Environmental Monitoring for Process Understanding and Reduced Interventions in Aseptic Manufacturing. Read abstract >
  • Practical Applications of Bio-Fluorescent Particle Counting in Environmental Monitoring Investigations. Read abstract >

Source — BioPhorum

  • A Clear Path to Implementing Alternative and Rapid Microbiological Methods. Read abstract >

Source — PEMM Group

PEMM (Process and Environmental Monitoring Methods) group is a collaborative group comprised of leading pharma industry experts.

Read what this group is saying in summary about meeting with the FDA Emerging Technology Team to discuss bio-fluorescent particle counting (BFPC) technology. Source: PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. Read abstract >