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TSI’s All-in-One Gas Mass Flow Meter

Flexible enough to fit your unique application

TSI’s 5000 Series Flow Meter saves money, saves time, simplifies your test setup, and helps you to better understand your flow measurements. Our flow meter combines bi-directional flow sensing with multiple integrated measurements, and operation is easy with its color touchscreen display and FLO-SightTM PC Software.

Our all-in-one flow meter saves you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple instruments, and it’s flexible enough to fit your unique application.

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 Save Money
Save Money

TSI’s all-in-one flow meter can simultaneously measure flow rate, pressure, and temperature, as well as volume, differential pressure and humidity. That means you don’t need to purchase and maintain separate meters for these different measurements.

Our 5000 Series flow meters also provide bi-directional flow rate, and has a high turndown ratio (1000:1). This enables you to measure a wide range of flow rates with a single meter, even when your full flow range is unknown or fluctuates widely. The graph below shows how a single 5000 Series flow meter can replicate the flow range of multiple other flow meters. So, instead of buying and maintaining multiple flow meters, you only need a single flow meter to cover a wide flow rate range.

Save Time

Our next generation flow meter makes it easy to take all the measurements you need, combining features not seen in any other flow meter on the market. 

From our 5000 Series flow meter color touchscreen display, you can:

  • view up to four readings at once
  • quickly configure measurements
  • adjust device settings and
  • log data right to your meter

Logged data can be exported as a .CSV file through the meter's USB port, allowing you to quickly gain insight into your flows. And with integrated measurements, your data logs are automatically synced together, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually combining separate data sets.

Do even more with your flow meter when you connect through the FLO-SightTM PC Software. Two meters can be operated simultaneously with advanced configuration options, real-time graphing, user-set alerts, and data logging. The FLO-SightTM PC Software is a turnkey solution that saves you time and eliminates the need for you to develop and validate your own data acquisition software.

Simplify your Set-Up

TSI's all-in-one flow meter combines the measurements you need in one compact, lightweight device, incorporating measurements for flow rate, pressure, and temperature, as well as volume, differential pressure and humidity. You no longer need separate devices for each measurement, which not only saves time and money, but also space on your workbench.

We now offer configurable tube end adapters, which can be quickly changed by the user to fit a different application or setup. Multiple mounting options are available as well, and the device is light enough to hang vertically.

Better Understand your Flows

Our 5000 Series flow meters have a fast response rate and an ultra-low pressure drop to minimize back pressure effects and provide accurate, high resolution flow readings. And our FLO-SightTM PC software combines our fast response rate with our new data visualization tools to see flow details in real-time.

These flow meters enable you to simultaneously display or record measurements for mass flow, volumetric flow, pressures, temperature, and humidity. It can help you to better understand the relationships between these conditions and their effect on your flows. The 5000 Series flow meters also allow you to easily log your data, either directly from your flow meter or by using FLO-SightTM PC software.

Your flow measurements are fully calibrated and compensated for temperature, pressure, and humidity, resulting in highly accurate readings.