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Differential Mobility Analyzer 3085A

SKU: 3085A

A Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA) is the key component for particle sizers like SMPS™, which are used to perform particle size distribution measurements. The model 3085A is designed to cover a general size range from 2 nm to 150 nm. The Electrostatic Classifiers 3082 can be used with any of the four TSI DMAs (see other models 3083, 3081A, and 3086).

TSI DMAs are equipped with an identification tag so that the classifier automatically recognizes the installed component. This hardware auto-recognition supports data quality.

Product Details

Each DMA is designed for specific purposes. The model 3085A specializes on covering the size range from 2 nm to 150 nm. Make sure to download the newest firmware update for the Classifier 3082 and the newest Aerosol Instrument Manager software.


  • Nanotechnology research and materials synthesis
  • Atmospheric studies and environmental monitoring
  • Combustion and engine exhaust studies
  • Indoor air quality measurements
  • Nucleation/condensation studies
  • Inhalation toxicology studies
  • Monodisperse aerosol generation

Features and Benefits

  • Size range from 2 nm to 150 nm depending on flow settings and scan time
  • Compatible with Electrostatic Classifier 3082, which supports the exchange of DMA models, which allows users to achieve various particle size ranges


There are two levels of service to consider based on your needs: Clean and Calibrate, and Repair, Clean and Calibrate. As every instrument model is unique, please refer to the model-specific service option cards below for details on what each package includes:

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