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TSI Particle Instrument Service Offerings

Service Options for Your TSI Particle Instrument

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TSI service, performed on an annual basis, helps to keep your instrument in proper working order.

There are two levels of service to consider based on your needs: Clean and Calibrate, and Repair, Clean and Calibrate. As every instrument model is unique, please refer to the model-specific service option cards below for details on what each package includes:

Particle Counters (CPC)

Filter Testers
CPC 3750 8130A Field Service Agreement
CPC 3752 Particle Sizers
CPC 3756 APS™ 3321
CPC 3772 EEPS™ 3090
CPC 3775 NanoScan SMPS™ 3910
CPC 3776  OPS 3330
WCPC 789 LAS 3340A
EECPC 3790A FMPS™ 3091
EECPC 3790A-10 Electrostatic Classifier 3082


Interested in getting your instrument serviced? Visit tsi.com/requestservice to sign into your account and request your service, repair, or calibration.

What Makes TSI® Service Valuable?

As a result of TSI® service, you are returned an optimally performing and updated instrument. The service is performed by TSI’s experienced technicians for a fixed price. This simple service process allows you to stay focused on the work that is important to you. TSI® instruments are calibrated traceable to National Standards and Metrology Institutes (NIST and NPL UK) and other accepted values of physical constants. TSI is registered to ISO-9001:2015. These TSI services come with a 90-day warranty on labor performed, or parts used, during the service.

TSI® also offers ISO17025-accredited calibrations for all models of EECPCs. For more details on these accredited calibrations, please refer to our "Calibration Service Options for Engine Exhaust CPCs and Reference Instruments”.

Prefer to Take the Do-it-yourself Approach? 

In addition to product manuals, TSI offers a robust preventative maintenance guide to help guide you through routine maintenance procedures, complete with if/then scenarios and a spare parts list, which outlines what's included with your initial instrument purchase as well as spare parts and accessory kits. 

Please fill out the form below to request a copy of the Preventative Maintenance Guide, specific to your instrument: