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Automated Inhaler and Spray Control Systems

Automated Inhaler and Spray Control Systems are automated solutions that will control test parameters to provide highly reproducible and reliable testing. This product range automatically measures and reports on different variables (such as environmental variables like temperature or humidity, batch/lot number, time of day, analyst conducting the test, etc.) which provides consistency in controllable factors. They are designed for precise and highly repeatable testing of MDIs, nasal sprays, and nasal aerosols.

Vertus III Plus Shake and Fire System

Vertus® III+ is an advanced version of the ...

DecaVertus III Shake and Fire System

DecaVertus® III is a fully automated, high-throughput system designed for metered dose...

Vertus III Shake and Fire System

Vertus® III is a fully automated benchtop system designed for precise and repeatable...

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