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Filter Testers

Filter Test Solutions from TSI

Filter Testers

All filter test equipment from TSI, used for testing efficiencies of filter media and a variety of air filters, including high and very high-efficiency filters, respiratory filters, cartridges, and protective garments, is known for its simple and reliable operation.

All of our filter testers can determine the efficiency of filters using submicron poly- and monodisperse oil and/or sodium chloride aerosol. Additionally, TSI's filter test solutions are used to comply with various testing standards and regulations around the globe.

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Laser Photometer 8587A

Stand-alone photometers are used for custom made test chambers, e.g. in respirator...

Automated Filter Tester 8150

The Automated Filter Tester 8150 is designed for 100% quality assurance testing of P100...

Automated Filter Tester 8130A

The Automated Filter Tester Model 8130A continues to be the best solution for testing...

Automated Filter Tester 3160

Automated Filter Tester Model 3160 determines the pressure drop and fractional efficiency at...

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