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Certifier Flow Analyzers

Testing Biomedical Equipment Has Never Been Easier

Certifier Flow Analyzers

TSI Certifier™ Gas Flow Analyzers are multi-functional pneumatic test systems capable of measuring flow, pressure, temperature, and oxygen concentration. They are ideal for testing ventilators, anesthesia workstations, and any other respiratory medical device that produces flows or pressures. TSI offers a portfolio of Certifier products that include both an all-in-one and modular designs to fully meet your ventilator testing needs. Biomedical professionals, manufacturers, and service groups prefer Certifier Flow Analyzers for their simplicity, ease of use, and reliability.

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Choose the Certifier™ Flow Analyzer Model That’s Right for You


NEW Certifier™ Pro

Certifier™ Plus Full Kit

Certifier™ Plus Standard Kit 


Model 4090 4080-F 4080-S

System Design

All-in-one, integrated high and low flow channels plus O2 sensor

Modular, cable connects flow modules

Modular, cable connects flow modules

Flow Accuracy*




Oxygen Sensor


External with optional

4073 oxygen sensor kit

External with optional

4073 oxygen sensor kit


5-inch color touchscreen displays up to 18 test parameters

User Configurations

Save, load, and transfer your test setups

Data Logging and Export

Save data and screenshots for all 30 test parameters with USB export

Battery Operation

6-8 hours

8+ hours

8+ hours

Kit Includes

Oxygen sensor (installed), high flow and low flow inlet filters, airway pressure fitting and silicone tubing, adapters (5), power supply with plug set, rechargeable Li-ion battery (installed), and ventilator hanger clip

High flow module, oxygen sensor kit, mounting kit, 1L test lung, deluxe carrying case, fittings, and more 

High flow module, protective cover, carrying case, fittings, and more


**2 Year Standard + 2 Year Extended

2 Year Standard

2 Year Standard


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Request a Quote

Request a Quote

* As a percent of reading throughout the flow range                                                              

** Introductory offer good through April 30, 2024. Extended warranty will be automatically added to product purchase.

All-In-One Design Benefits Modular Design Benefits
All measurements in a single model Purchase only what you need
Faster setup with less cabling Buy in pieces to stay below budget limits
Integrated oxygen sensor Only service flow modules, lowers costs
Oxygen sensor on calibration certificate Second flow module to eliminate downtimes


 All TSI® Certifier™ Flow Analyzers Include                           

  • High flow and low flow capability
  • Temperature and pressure compensation
  • Multiple gas condition options
  • Oxygen concentration capability
  • Compact design and battery operation
  • High performance that fits your budget

Test a Wide Range of Medical Equipment                          

  • Mechanical ventilators
  • Anesthesia work stations
  • CPAPs, BPAPs, and APAPs
  • Air oxygen blenders
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Medical insufflators

All Certifier™ Flow Analyzers utilize trusted TSI flow sensing technology, which is optimized for medical applications where accuracy and reliability are key requirements. TSI flow sensing technology has been validated by numerous major medical device manufacturers and is embedded in thousands of ventilators around the world.

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Certifier Pro Flow Analyzer

An all-in-one, benchtop flow analyzer capable of testing virtually all models of ventilators...

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