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Submicrometer Monodisperse Aerosol Generator 3940A

SKU: 3940A

The Submicrometer Monodisperse Aerosol Generator 3940A System includes everything you need to produce monodisperse, submicrometer particles. A component-based system, the 3940A comprises the ability to generate, condition, and size-select the particles. Touchscreen controls make it easy to change particle sizes, and the 3081A DMA makes it possible to size-select for particles from 0.01 - 1.0 µm.

Product Details

The 3940A is a component-based system that is capable of generating monodisperse particles. The process flow within the 3940A goes as follows: 

3074B Filtered Air Supply - prepares house compressed air to be suitable for aerosol generation

3076 Constant Output Atomizer - generates aerosols from a solution or suspension

3062 Diffusion Drier - removes solvent (often water) from the particles exiting the 3076 Atomizer

3012 Neutralizer - conditions the charge of the aerosols, so that the charge distribution is centered on zero (neutral, uncharged particles are most populous)

1035575 plumbing kit (consisting of 1050001 dilution bridge and accessory plumbing)

3082 Electrostatic Classifier, 3077A Aerosol Neutralizer, and 3081A DMA - takes in the polydisperse aerosol from the preceding components, and emits only particles of the designated size. This 'classifying' process uses the electrical mobility of the particles (using the minority of the particles that are charged) to determine their size.

The 3940A is also available without any neutralizers at all (3940A-N), enabling customization of the components. At least one neutralizer (3077, 3077A, or 3088) is needed for the 3082 Electrostatic Classifier to work properly, and this is to be ordered separately when choosing this option. A second neutralizer is optional, but highly recommended. The user can choose from the 3077, 3077A, 3088, 3012, 3012A, or 1090 depending on flow rate, concentration, and regulatory requirements.


  • Submicrometer aerosol generation

Included Items

Features and Benefits

  • Generates 0.01- to 1.0-µm particles
  • Includes everything you need