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Electrospray Aerosol Generator 3480

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When your application calls for nano-scale aerosols that are both highly monodisperse and high in concentration, the Electrospray Aerosol Generator 3480 is a valuable tool. Aerosols can be created from dissolved materials such as sodium chloride or sucrose, or from suspended nanoparticles such as silicon dioxide or iron oxide. The Electrospray Aerosol Generator (EAG) can produce high concentrations (~106 /cm3) continuously for hours.

Product Details

The EAG Model 3480 produces high concentrations of monodisperse, nano particles from 2 to 100 nm. The Electrospray pushes a charged liquid solution or suspension through a capillary tube and exerts an electrical field on the liquid at the capillary tip. The electrical field pulls the liquid from the capillary, forming individual droplets. Air and CO2 mixed with the droplets evaporate the liquid and the remaining particles are neutralized by an ionizer. The EAG is suitable for residue particles from water-soluble solids and liquids, aqueous suspensions and emulsions for various particle materials, lipid droplets and macromolecules. Proteins as small as 3 nm and PSL as large as 200 nm can be aerosolized. 


  • Instrument calibration
  • Nano-aerosol studies
  • Macromolecular and submicrometer aerosol analysis
  • Nanometer-sized powder dispersion

Features and Benefits

  • Generates particles from 2 to 100 nm in diameter
  • Particles are uniform in size and shape

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