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From Challenge to Success:

How a Semiconductor Giant was Empowered to Ensure 0.3 µm Particle-Free Environments

In Korea, there is a global semiconductor chip maker, leading player and renowned for its innovation and diverse product portfolio, that was facing a critical challenge in monitoring their semiconductor mini-environment, particularly with a focus on particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. The company needed to verify the conditions within this controlled space and ensure that no particles of this size were present. This mini-environment pertains to spaces where wafers are handled in semiconductor processing equipment, encompassing various small clean areas such as the Equipment Front End Module (EFEM), sorter, stocker, buffer, chamber, and transfer module, excluding the primary cleanroom environment.

Particle-Free Conditions in Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment

Their goal was clear: they wanted to achieve particle-free conditions within the mini-environment. To do this, they were in search of an effective particle monitoring solution.

In 2023, the responsible evaluation & analysis manager turned to TSI for a solution to their particle monitoring needs. David Lee, the dedicated TSI Sales Representative, recommended the TSI AeroTrak™+ Remote Particle Counter 7301 for continuous monitoring while their machines operated.

The implementation of TSI AeroTrak™+ Remote Particle Counter 7301 solution proved to be a game-changer for the Korean semiconductor company. It allowed them to consistently monitor the mini-environment and provided valuable data to verify the conditions inside. This solution enabled them to meet their goal of ensuring no 0.3-micrometer particles existed in their mini-environment

Partnering for Particle Counting Expertise

The chip manufacturer chose TSI because they provided full technical support and expertise, which was essential for addressing the customer's specific requirements. "We needed a partner who could provide not just equipment, but also the expertise to tackle our unique challenges”, said the evaluation & analysis manager. “TSI's technical proficiency set them apart as the ideal choice for our semiconductor facility." The partnership with TSI's experts was obviously crucial in achieving the desired results.

While considering alternative solutions, the manufacturer had initially aimed to monitor even smaller particles, down to 0.1 micrometers, within their EFEM. In the end, they decided to opt for the 0.2-micrometer AeroTrak™+ Remote Particle Counter as the most cost-effective alternative to meet their monitoring requirements effectively.



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