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Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

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Tools Essential for Ensuring Precision, Quality Control, and Reliability in Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

Are you anticipating the challenges of working at ever-smaller scale? Are you ready to drive efficient semiconductor manufacturing?

TSI® and MSP, a Division of TSI®, are the perfect partners for these nanoscale challenges. We have the technological expertise – and the tools – that you need in order to perform the best in a competitive manufacturing industry:

Stay ahead of the competition — trust TSI® and MSP as your go-to partners to help you overcome the nanoscale challenges to your semiconductor production processes.

Reduce Risk of Contamination in Semiconductor Manufacturing By Detecting Particles Down to 2 nm

Our cutting-edge technology enables detection and measurement of airborne particles down to 2 nm. This capability empowers you to reduce risk and improve quality in your semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Detecting particles down to 2 nanometers is a significant challenge but is essential in advanced semiconductor fabrication processes — TSI can help.Precise monitoring and control of particle contamination levels in the semiconductor manufacturing environment are key to not only minimize the risk of defects, but also to ensure compliance with industry standards. This enables you to take proactive measures to maintain the integrity of your semiconductor production environment – saving money.

Proven Solutions for Parts Cleanliness Testing &
Particle Detection in High-Purity Process Gases

To ensure that critical components and high purity gases meet the highest cleanliness standards, you need solutions that detect airborne particles below 10 nm. Precise data on particulate contamination levels in the semiconductor production environment enables you to make informed decisions, and proactively maintain the integrity of your semiconductor processes.

With multiple TSI instruments, it is possible to measure particles down to 10 nm. TSI also has particle counters that empower you to detect airborne particles down to 2 nm – like no other available in the marketspace. Our instruments offer reliable and repeatable measurements. The resulting data gives you the confidence to solve critical industry challenges and further minimize your risk to processes.

Testing Parts Cleanliness   Testing High Purity Process Gases


CVD - Delivering Consistent Thin Film Deposition

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), along with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), is one of the most important steps in microelectronic device fabrication. Defects are a costly problem during this phase – but some of those defects are preventable.

In the CVD process, vaporizers are used to transition a liquid into a gas for this film deposition. The filtration method used after liquid vaporization can reduce CVD defects, increase mean time before maintenance, and enable lower-pressure plasma-enhanced processes.

Vaporizers for Thin Film Deposition


Monitoring and controlling contamination at the 10 nm scale in semiconductor manufacturing is crucial for ensuring the quality, yield, and reliability of semiconductor devices — trust TSI.Repeatable Contamination Standards for Inspection Tool Calibration

Wafer and photomask contamination standards are used to develop, qualify, and calibrate wafer and photomask inspection systems. The particles – traceable to the United States’ National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – are deposited on a bare silicon wafer or substrate of choice, including wafers or photomasks. These deposited particles are of specified size, composition, and count. They can be deposited on bare, film, and patterned wafers.

MSP Particle Deposition Systems can deposit particles as small as 10 nm to enhance the calibration of semiconductor inspection tool systems.

Inspection Tool Calibration


TSI is a proud member of SEMI, an industry association focused on semiconductor manufacturing and related industries, indicating their commitment to the semiconductor industry.