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PresSura Cleanroom Pressure Controllers 8630-CRC

SKU: 8630-CRC-P

This unit has been discontinued as of December 15, 2016.

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

This unit has been discontinued as of December 15, 2016.

The PresSura™ Cleanroom Pressure Controller Model 8630-CRC  is designed to measure the actual room pressure differential and maintain a constant pressure differential in clean rooms. It modulates the exhaust dampers or variable frequency drive to maintain the proper pressure differential. The Model 8630-CRC can also control the supply air to a constant volume, ensuring proper ventilation of the cleanroom.

If the pressure differential is too great, too small, or the wrong direction, the 8630-CRC will activate audible and visual alarms. An adjustable alarm delay avoids nuisance alarms when a door is opened.

The 8630-CRC easily integrates to the building management system using a low alarm relay, an analog output of the measured pressure differential, or digital communications. The 8630-CRC supports the open MODBUS protocol.


  • Cleanrooms

Included Items

  • Digital interface module
  • Flush-mount pressure transducer assembly (8630-CRC-P)
  • Flush-mount bi-directional thermal pressure sensor assembly (8630-CRC-S)
  • Sensor cable, 25 ft
  • Transformer, 120:24 VAC, 25 VA
  • Transformer cable, 25 ft

Features & Benefits

  • Maintaining pressure differential called for in Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Direct pressure measurement provides continuous monitoring
  • Constant volume control of supply ensures proper ventilation
  • Second pressure sensor input monitors air lock-corridor pressure differential
  • Audible and visual alarms warn staff of unsafe conditions
  • Convenient keypad and display support local programming
  • Passwords prevent unauthorized access to monitor functions