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Differential Mobility Analyzer 3085

SKU: 3085

This product has been discontinued as of December 31, 2021.

A Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA) is an integral part of a submicrometer size classification system. Model 3085A is one of three DMAs designed for use with the TSI model 3082 Electrostatic Classifier. The classifier in turn is a key component of our Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS™) Model 3938.


Product Details

The DMA consists of two electrodes and a flow path in which particles move. When a voltage is applied charged particles are diverted from the straight path in the resulting electrical field and classified based on their electrical mobility. When the voltage is constant the DMA generates monodisperse aerosols from a polydisperse particle source. When the voltage is varied the output is a size classified aerosol that when counted with a Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) gives the particle size distribution.

The Model 3085A DMA, or Nano DMA, offers a particle size range from 2 to 165nm. The 3085A enables researchers to focus their efforts on the smallest particle sizes with relevance for their work. In wide use across numerous applications, TSI’s Nano DMA is a valuable tool for atmospheric studies, basic particle research, materials synthesis and more.

The model 3082 Classifier allows you to swap DMA columns for additional versatility. If your Electrostatic Classifier already has a Long DMA, order the Model 3085A Nano DMA for additional particle sizing capabilities.

The Nano DMA was developed in cooperation with the University of Minnesota Particle Technology Laboratory and Gerhard Mercator University. 


  • Monodisperse aerosol generation
  • Particle sizing

Features and benefits

  • Analyze particles from 2 to 150nm
  • Key component with SMPS system


Service, calibration, and repair options

There are two levels of service to consider based on your needs: Clean and Calibrate, and Repair, Clean and Calibrate. As every instrument model is unique, please refer to the model-specific service option cards below for details on what each package includes:

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