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PRE Challenge Wafers and Photomasks

For Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE) Testing

How confident are you that your wafer and photomask cleaning processes and equipment are consistently performing as expected? Verifying the efficiency of your cleaning system is vital to maintaining high yields and minimizing surprises in semiconductor manufacturing.

MSP, a Division of TSI, offers an affordable solution with our Challenge Wafers and Photomasks for Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE).Until now, validating the effectiveness of your cleaning process often meant costly investments or resource-intensive in-house operations, generally providing results with which you were not confident. MSP, a Division of TSI®, offers an affordable solution with our PRE Challenge Wafers and Photomasks for Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE) Testing.

Uniform and Consistent Depositions

Our PRE Challenge Wafers and Photomasks are dry deposited with NanoSilica™ or PSL particles or concern specific process particles with precision size distributions, composition, and defect or particle count. These uniformly deposited substrates guarantee consistent testing and tuning of your cleaning systems, providing reliable data for an accurate performance assessment.

Reasons to Validate Your Cleaning Machine/Process

Incomplete cleaning can lead to killer defects in device manufacturing, impacting productivity, yield, and ultimately profitability. Our standards help identify cleaning issues promptly, ensuring adjustments are made before significant losses occur.

Choose the Particle Suspension Best Suited to Your Needs

NanoSilica™ and PSL offer concentrated suspensions of uniform particles, ideal for evaluating spatial dependence. Process Particles™ simulate real-world contaminants, providing a more accurate assessment of size-dependent PRE. By utilizing one of these options, there's no need to bring contaminated particles into the cleanroom, ensuring a controlled environment and cost-effective process. Additionally, the particle suspension deposition is traceable to NIST, further enhancing reliability and quality control measures and auditability.


  • Research & Development: Develop new cleaning systems and processes.
  • Manufacturing/Production: Validate cleaning systems before shipment (FAT) and during installation/qualification (SAT).
  • Operations & Service: Revalidate cleaning systems throughout their lifespan to ensure consistent performance or after maintenance is performed.

Features and Benefits

  • Dry deposited rather than wet – leading to lesser aging effects
  • Accurate and repeatable standards from wafer-to-wafer and batch-to-batch and line-to-line
  • Wide range of substrate recipes and particle types available
  • NIST traceable deposited particle suspensions
  • Cost-effective process control
  • Ready to be deployed, triple wrapped, shippable standards

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You may find more information in the PRE Spec Sheet or Brochure about Wafer & Mask Cleaning Equipment Qualification Standards.