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Respirator Fit Test Adapters

Adapters for PortaCount Respirator Fit Testing EquipmentTSI Fit Test Adapters for PortaCount Respirator Fit Testers provide an easy, practical alternative to the probed method of quantitative respirator fit testing.

Respirator Fit Test Adapters enable quantitative fit testing for individuals wearing their own respirators. Use the Fit Test Adapters spreadsheet to find the right fit test adapter. You can search for respirator manufacturer, the respirator model, and in some cases, the respirator’s filter/regulator connection. Click on the links in the document, or below, to see more details about a fit test adapter and your purchase options.

Using a fit test adapter will provide the same results as with conventional probed respirator techniques. Adapters enable integrity testing of an individual's assigned respirator, while also verifying donning competence and facepiece sizing.

Why use fit test adapters?

Fit test adapters reduce concerns associated with using a shared test respirator, because each individual uses one assigned respirator. All fit test adapter parts exposed to exhaled air are disposable. There is no need to sanitize between fit tests when using adapters.

Find your respirator fit test adapter

Adapter Kit for Survivair S-Type Screw On 8025-12 Adapter Kit for Interspiro Spiromatic 8025-21 Adapter Kit for MSA Military Bayonet Style 8025-29
Adapter Kit for Survivair with Mask Mounted Regulators 8025-13 Adapter Kit for Interspiro-S 8025-21S Adapter Kit for MSA Advantage Bayonet Style 8025-30
Adapter Kit for MSA Large Diameter Threaded 8025-14 Adapter Kit for MSA 40mm Threaded (RD40) 8025-22 Adapter Kit for MSA PTC and Slide Version 8025-31
Adapter Kit for MSA Ultravue Threaded 8025-15 Adapter Kit for MSA Ultra Elite .25-turn 8025-22Q Adapter Kit for Moldex 7000-9000 8025-32
Adapter Kit for MSA Ultravue .25-turn 8025-15Q Adapter Kit for Willson-GPT F Series 8025-23  
Adapter Kit for 3M with Bayonet Style 8025-16 Adapter Kit for Draeger RD91 Large Diameter Thread 8025-24 Adapter Kit for MSA G1 Push-To-Connect Full-Face Piece Masks 8025-34
Adapter Kit for North Screw-on and SCBA 8025-17 Adapter Kit for all US Safety 8025-25 Adapter Kit for Gerson Masks Bayonet Connection Twin-Filter 8025-35
Adapter Kit for Survivair T-type and Willson T-GT 8025-19 Adapter Kit for Draeger 40mm and P-type 8025-26 Adapter Kit for AVON and Various Military 8025-AVON
Adapter Kit for Standard Scott Full-face 8025-20 Adapter Kit for Protector Phantom 48mm 8025-28 Adapter Kit for any 40mm Generic Thread (RD40) 8025-CEN

Adapter Kit for 3M Scott AV-3000 SureSeal and AV-3000HT | 8025-36

Adapter Kit for 3M Scott Vision C5 | 8025-37 Adapter Kit for US Military Masks with Drink Tube 8025-USMil


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