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Particle Sizers

Collaborating with Scientists for Over 40 years

Particle Sizers

For over four decades, TSI has been at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art aerosol sizing instruments. Our commitment to advancing research and driving innovation spans various industries. TSI is a trusted manufacturer of cutting-edge particle sizing instrumentation and systems, covering a wide range of particle sizes, from 1 nm to 20 micrometers.

Our instruments are utilized worldwide across diverse applications, including air quality monitoring, aerosol research, engine emissions, exposure studies, and many others. TSI's particle sizers are instrumental in gaining a comprehensive understanding of particle size, vital for numerous scientific and industrial processes.

Explore the versatility of TSI's particle sizing solutions, tailored to address the unique demands of your research and measurement needs. Discover how TSI can be your partner in advancing scientific discovery and innovation.

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