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Condensation Particle Counter 3750-10

SKU: 375010

The Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) 3750-10 is designed to ensure precise monitoring of ultrafine particles (UFPs) in the atmosphere, meeting the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Product Details

The CPC 3750-10 is the result of decades of innovation in TSI® full-flow CPC technology, recognized as the benchmark for nanoparticle counting. This latest version offers enhancements that expand the concentration range and optimize ease of use with an intuitive direct-touch user interface, updated software and secure internal data storage that can store data for months.

With a D50 of 10 nm, the 3750-10 is suitable for a wide variety of nanoparticle measurements, including continuous monitoring of ultrafine particles according to EN 16976:2024*. Operating in a single flow mode at 1 L/min, it streamlines your operation for enhanced efficiency.

The CPC 3750-10 provides operational versatility, offering the option to use it with or without software. When used independently, data is stored directly on the CPC for convenient access in the future. 

In addition, the CPC 3750-10 plays a central role in the widely used configuration of the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS™), alongside TSI's wide-range DMA 3083. This tried and tested configuration has proven itself in a wide range of measurement applications.

Essentially, the CPC 3750-10 extends the concentration range, ensures optimal counting statistics and integrates seamlessly with SMPS™ technology. Trust the reliability and precision that TSI® instruments have provided for years.


  • Air quality monitoring for particle number concentration (EN 16976:2024*)
  • Atmospheric monitoring for particle size distribution (CEN/TS 17434, if part of 3938W50-CEN10)
  • Health effect studies
  • Basic aerosol research
  • Combustion

Features and Benefits

  • Detection efficiency at low particle size:
    • D50 = 10 nm ± 1.0 nm
    • D90 < 20 nm
  • Extended concentration range up to 100,000 particles/cm³ without dilution (for dilution, see ‘Accessories’)
  • Data rate up to 50 Hz - capture highly dynamic processes
  • Integrate data directly into a network, or export from software (auto-export available)
  • Water-removal system - compatible with high-humidity environments
  • Improved diagnostics with Pulse Height Monitoring
  • Fast response to rapid changes in aerosol concentration (T10-90 < 1 sec)
  • Automatically shuts off of flow when inlet is blocked

*Compliance to EN 16976 (formerly known as CEN/TS 16976) requires verification and calibration by the World Calibration Centre for Aerosol Physics (WCCAP), Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS).