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Efficiency Meets Intelligence.

Customizable, Scalable, and Affordable.

OmniTrak Solutions

TSI OmniTrak™ Solution is a customizable, scalable, and affordable solution enabled by connecting innovative monitoring instruments, intelligent software and service solutions. This platform solution of connected devices allows you to plan, measure, report, recommend, and monitor key business drivers and risks to help improve health, wellbeing, and efficiency.

Customizable, Scalable, and Affordable Connected Network of Solutions from TSI.

TSI provides a modular designed solution allowing for flexibility and connection to future generation modules for additional surveying capabilities. All connected to our OmniTrak™ SmartStation, each individual module can be wirelessly connected for different testing parameters (up to 5 at a time).

Tailor the solution to fit your needs. Whatever role you take on from industrial hygenist, facility manager, property owner, or a leader in education, indoor environments vary between every building and room. OmniTrak™ Solutions help air quality testing professionals who want to survey various air quality parameters with multiple measurement points and analyze data inputs to create reports by reducing the number of survey instruments needed and avoiding time-consuming manual work to increase their productivity.

OmniTrak PM + VOC (ppm) Module

Particulate Matter (PM) and VOC-PID (ppm) Module for TSI OmniTrak™.


OmniTrak VOC ppm Module

VOC-PID (ppm) Module for TSI OmniTrak™.

This product is only...

OmniTrak PM Module

Particulate Matter (PM) Module for TSI OmniTrak™.

This product is only...

OmniTrak Smart Station

The OmniTrak™ Smart Station can be used in conjunction with any OmniTrak™ module...

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