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Noise Dosimeters

TSI Quest offers a variety of noise dosimeters that are rugged, lightweight and designed for exceptional ease of use

Noise Dosimeters

Noise measurement forms the foundation for the entire Hearing Conservation Program (HCP). The noise survey results are the basis for decisions on reducing risk and taking protective action against noise induced hearing loss.

Personal noise exposure monitoring of an individual worker is needed when workers are highly mobile and noise levels vary considerably. TSI® Quest™ Edge noise dosimeters offer real-time personal noise monitoring with comprehensive information on employee noise exposure to make informed safety decisions. Designed for monitoring noise in a wide variety of working environments, from manufacturing to underground mining, construction to oil and gas to the military. 

Quest™ offers a single software solution for reporting and analysis. Our detection management software (DMS) program works across various data-logging instruments to record and report a variety of sound, noise and heat stress related hazards.

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Introducing the latest in noise dosimetry with the all-new Quest Edge Personal Noise Dosimeters (models EG7 and EG8). The perfect blend of flexibility and reliability designed for even in the harshest of environments.

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