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NGI Cup Coater

NGI Cup CoaterThe NGI Cup Coater consistently coats the NGI cups to reduce particle bounce inherent in DPI testing and impaction.

It thereby removes a bottleneck step and process variation, improving throughput, providing more consistent results, and freeing up analysts’ time to do more value-added work.

Features and Benefits

  • Dispenses solvent through multichannel dispensing
  • Thoroughly coats the cup with solvent and timer
  • Actively dries solvent
  • Two graduated solvent reservoirs

These products are also featured in the Copley Catalog, and part numbers for the Copley Catalog are included in the chart below.

MSP/TSI Model # Product Copley Catalog Part # Request a Quote
0001-01-5920 NGI Cup Coater 5900 request a quote
0001-01-5904 Qualification Tools Cup Coater 5904 request a quote