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NGI and NGI Plus

The NGI and NGI+The Next Generation Impactor (NGI) from MSP, a Division of TSI®, is a high-performance cascade impactor with seven stages.

It is and has been the industry standard pharmaceutical cascade impactor for the last 20 years, with 1800+ units in use and adopted into the USP guidelines. It was designed and developed by and for the OINDP Industry, and is the most efficient and accurate way to do standard in vitro APSD testing. There are many automated and semi-automated add-ons as well as other accessories designed to further improve efficiency.

The New NGI+
Level Up Your Inhalation Test Capabilities

The NGI+ uses the same industry proven design and substitutes materials to enable a wider range of applications, chemicals, and drugs. The NGI+ provides more corrosion protection, enhanced chemical and biological resistance, and a longer equipment life expectancy for your inhaler testing process. Whether you are testing nebulizers, using biologics, or looking for more robust or even perhaps automated cleaning solutions, the NGI+ expands your options.

NGI Features & Benefits

  • Designed by the OINDP market for the OINDP market
  • Precise cut points
  • 8-stage collection (7 stage + MOC)
  • Planar arrangement with cover, cup tray and quick clamp cam
  • Suite of accessories to make testing even more efficient
  • Suite of accessories for additional testing (gravimetric, deep cup, exhaust cup, glass disc cup, rNGI)
  • Written into the USP guidance

Additional Benefits for the NGI+

  • Enhanced corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Extended equipment life
  • Allows for a more robust and/or automated cleaning process for cups, nozzles, and seal body
  • Comprised of inert materials to maintain aerosol performance
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(Next Generation Impactor)

5201 RFQ


(Next Generation Impactor Plus)

5201A RFQ

For more detailed information, view the NGI & NGI+ Spec Sheet.


Related AccessoriesThe NGI Cooler is a crucial accessory for the NGI/NGI+.

The NGI Cooler™ is an accessory for the NGI/NGI+, designed to counteract the the evaporation problems caused by retained heat due to the thermal mass of the NGI. The cooler is required for nebulizers per USP testing and also recommended for particular mist inhalers as it prevents the droplet size from changing due to evaporation, maintaining the integrity of the Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD) data for accurate measurements.

Available in three sizes - 1L, 2L, and 5L - these chambers are designed to accommodate various types of nasal products, from aerosols to sprays, with specific emphasis on maximizing drug deposition and optimizing aerosolization.Glass Expansion Chambers serve as accessories for the NGI, particularly when assessing the deposition of droplets or particles in nasal sprays and aerosols. These chambers play a pivotal role in quantifying the Fine Particle Dose (FPD), ensuring minimal deposition in the lungs while optimizing nasal delivery. Available in three sizes, these chambers are designed to accommodate various types of nasal products, from aerosols to sprays, with specific emphasis on maximizing drug deposition and optimizing aerosolization. By employing a cascade impactor in conjunction with these chambers, researchers can accurately measure the distribution and penetration of drug particles, ensuring precise and effective nasal drug delivery.

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0001-01-5009 NGI Cooler™ 5009 RFQ
0001-01-9820 Glass Expansion Chamber 1000 ml 8950 RFQ
0001-01-9821 Glass Expansion Chamber 2000 ml 8951 RFQ
0001-01-9822 Glass Expansion Chamber 5000 ml 8952 RFQ
0001-01-9860 Volume Cert for Gl. Exp. Chamb. 8953 RFQ


Service & Calibration

Mensuration and calibration are imperative in pharmaceutical testing, and is recommended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USP (United States Pharmacopeia), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

MSP provides calibration and mensuration services, as well as calibration contracts and extended warranties as part of our QualityGuard™ program.

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