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Vertus III Plus Shake and Fire System

SKU: 0001-01-7017

Vertus® III+ is an advanced version of the Vertus® III, offering fully automated shake and fire capabilities for MDI, nasal spray, and nasal aerosol testing.

Product Details

In addition to the features of Vertus® III, Vertus® III+ includes an integrated 5-decimal-place weighing balance for precise shot weight measurement. The system also features a built-in Static Eliminator to minimize electrostatic charge buildup, ensuring consistent shot weight measurements. With Vertus® III+, even complex testing methods requiring shot weight collection can be fully automated, allowing for push-button operation and freeing analysts for more productive tasks while enhancing data integrity.


  • Precise testing of metered dose inhalers (MDIs)
  • Evaluation of nasal sprays
  • Analysis of nasal aerosols
  • Conducting Delivered Dose Uniformity (DDU) testing
  • Automated shot weight measurement for MDIs and nasal devices
  • Minimization of electrostatic charge buildup during testing

Features and Benefits

  • Compliant with Ph. Eur., EMA, USP, FDA, ChP, and NMPA standards
  • Meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Offers precise control over test parameters
  • Integration of shot weight measurement facilitates precise dosage evaluation.
  • Built-in Static Eliminator to reduce electrostatic charge buildup
  • Compatible with a broad spectrum of devices
  • Supports standard collection devices
  • Includes in-situ impactor leak testing feature
  • Provides a variety of data output option

The product range is also featured in the Vertus® III and Vertus® III+ Copley Brochure.

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