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Vertus III Shake and Fire System

SKU: 0001-01-7000

Vertus® III is a fully automated benchtop system designed for precise and repeatable testing of MDIs, nasal sprays, and nasal aerosols.

Product Details

Vertus® is compatible with various device types and collection devices, offering complete control over testing techniques while maintaining flexibility to accommodate industry-standard methods. With precise control over delivery for DDU testing and APSD measurement, Vertus III automates all aspects of dose sampling for MDIs, nasal sprays, and nasal aerosols. Compatible with over 40 different collection device combinations, including DUSA, NGI, Alberta Idealised Throat, Nasal Inlets, and Spray Force Tester, the Vertus III range ensures comprehensive control and adaptability for various testing needs.


  • Testing metered dose inhalers (MDIs)
  • Analyzing nasal sprays
  • Assessing nasal aerosols
  • Conducting Delivered Dose Uniformity (DDU) testing
  • Evaluating dose sampling efficiency
  • Research and development of inhalation therapies

Features and Benefits

  • Compliant with Ph. Eur., EMA, USP, FDA, ChP, and NMPA standards
  • Meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Offers precise control over test parameters
  • Compatible with a broad spectrum of devices
  • Supports standard collection devices
  • Includes in-situ impactor leak testing feature
  • Provides a variety of data output option

The product range is also featured in the Vertus® III and Vertus® III+ Copley Brochure.

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