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Certifier Flow Analyzer Low Flow Module Kit 4072

SKU: 4072

Low Flow Module works with the Certifier™ FA Interface Display Module 4078, and is primarily used in testing anesthesia gas delivery machines

Range: up to 15 Standard L/min
Gas Calibrations: Air, Oxygen, N2O

Product Details

The 4072 Certifier™ FA Low Flow Module can be used with the 4070 Certifier FA System, in place of a 4076 Certifier FA High Flow Module. Flow modules contain the calibrated sensors and communicate the measurements to the interface display module. A flow module (4072 Low Flow Module or 4076 High Flow Module) must be used in conjunction with the 4078 Certifier FA Interface Display Module.


  • Anesthesia gas delivery machines
  • High frequency ventilators

4072 Kit Includes:

  • 4072 low flow module
  • Bacteria filter, barbed fitting
  • Mounting bracket, including bracket, screws, and Velcro strap

Model 4074 is the same low flow module as model 4072

***Please note that your 4072 flow module may list 4074 as the model on the sticker on the back of your flow module. The 4074 and 4072 models are the same low flow module.***