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Non-Rotating MOUDI Impactors

Airborne particulate matter affects each of us in numerous ways

Non-Rotating MOUDI Impactors

Characterizing that particulate matter, in terms of its mass and/or chemical content, gives us insight into ambient air quality, atmospheric science, vehicle emissions, industrial emissions, and other areas.

For over 30 years, MOUDI™ impactors have been manufactured by MSP and have been widely used for studying particulate matter in all of these applications and more. Collecting airborne particles in a size-segregated fashion, MOUDI impactors allow researchers to learn more about the morphology and chemical composition of the particles we breathe.

To learn more about how MOUDI non-rotating impactors may be useful for you, see the different options listed below:

Mini-MOUDI Impactors 135

The Mini-MOUDI Impactor is a precision, high-accuracy impactor with a 2.0 L/min sampling flow...

MOUDI Impactors 100NR, 100S4, 110NR

MOUDI™ impactors are classic, precise cascade impactors with sharp cut-size, low...

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