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Aerosol and Dust Monitors

TSI DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitors Leave Everyone Else in the Dust

TSI DustTrak™ II and DRX Aerosol Monitors are light years ahead of any other. The DustTrak DRX Monitor, for instance, simultaneously measures both mass and size fraction – something no other dust monitor can do. Measure PM1, PM2.5, respirable, PM10 and PM Total simultaneously with no need for size-selective inlet conditioners. When it comes to work comfort and productivity, as well as risk management, don’t you want the best?

Key Features For Real-Time, Accurate Results

  • Measure aerosol contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes and mists
  • New graphical user interface with color touchscreen
  • Battery operated, data-logging, light scattering laser photometers
  • Easy to program, easy to operate
  • Real-time mass concentration readings
  • Available in desktop and handheld models

Aerosol Monitors for a Variety of Applications

  • Industrial/occupational hygiene surveys
  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Outdoor environmental monitoring
  • Baseline trending and screening
  • Point source monitoring
  • Engineering control evaluations
  • Remote monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Aerosol research studies

SidePak™ AM520i Personal Aerosol Monitor

The SidePak™ AM520i is IECEx, ATEX, CSA, and IECEx-SIM certified for use in explosive...

SidePak AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor

The SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor is designed to take measurements from the...

DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor 8534

Our handheld DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor is a multi-channel, data-logging, laser...

DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor 8533EP

The DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor measures aerosol contaminants such as dust, smoke...

DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor 8533

The DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor can measure both mass and size fraction at the same...

DustTrak™ II Aerosol Monitor 8532

The handheld aerosol monitor is a battery-operated photometer that provides real-time aerosol...

DustTrak™ II Aerosol Monitor 8530EP

The DustTrak™ II 8530 EP Aerosol Monitor is ideal for continuous monitoring of...

DustTrak™ II Aerosol Monitor 8530

The DustTrak™ II Aerosol Monitor provides real-time aerosol mass readings with...

Personal Impactors 200 Series

The Personal Impactor is a lightweight personal sampler for collecting airborne particles in...

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