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Difficult-to-Vaporize and Thermally-Sensitive Liquids

Increasing an OEM’s Semiconductor Market Share by Successfully Vaporizing Challenging Precursors

For a global semiconductor tool manufacturer with more than 1,000 employees that specializes in high-k dielectric thin film deposition via Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), the efforts for staying ahead led them to confront a particularly daunting obstacle: the successful vaporization of TEMAZr and CpZr, challenging precursors essential for depositing thin films of ZrO₂. In addition, they strived to achieve seamless integration with their development tool as this would streamline operations and increase overall productivity. In addition, a solution was sought that was highly reliable, low maintenance and particle free to ensure uninterrupted production and minimize downtime.

Low Vapor Pressure: A Major Hurdle in TEMAZr/CpZr Vaporization

The semiconductor OEM faced a series of hurdles in their mission to vaporize TEMAZr and CpZr seamlessly. These low vapor pressure liquids posed significant difficulties, making it a challenge to generate sufficient vapor for an adequate deposition rate. Additionally, the low thermal decomposition temperature of the precursors imposed limitations on the operating temperature, leading to instabilities in the process. Furthermore, the proneness to clogging due to incomplete vaporization and thermal decomposition added complexity, especially considering the need for continuous operation, 365 days a year, 24/7.

Gaining Market Share Through Excellent Vaporization

The impact of MSP's vaporization solution was significant. Not only did it enable the tool manufacturer to achieve excellent vaporization of the precursors, but thanks to the effectiveness and reliability of MSP’s cutting-edge technology, they were able to gain market share by securing high-volume business with a mega memory manufacturer. In addition, the OEM's reputation increased as it was recognized for providing a highly reliable process tool with minimal downtime.

Twice the Output, Half the SizeNew Turbo II™ Vaporizers - Next Generation of Vapor Delivery Solutions for CVD and ALD

MSP, a Division of TSI®, offers a completely new line of Turbo II™ Vaporizers for liquid source vaporization in CVD and ALD. They enable you to vaporize difficult precursors, like low vapor pressure liquids, which may have a tight window between thermal decomposition and vaporization at concentrations necessary for processing.

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The collaboration between the semiconductor OEM and MSP did not end there. A long-term development partnership was established, based on mutual trust and a shared commitment to innovation. This ongoing collaboration has not only enhanced the OEM's reputation in the eyes of its end users, but has also significantly improved its customer value proposition and positioned it as a valuable partner in the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem.

Innovative Solution Fuels Semiconductor Success

In the continually evolving semiconductor industry, success depends on the ability to overcome challenges with innovation and expertise. MSP's customized and innovative vaporization solution has allowed the semiconductor OEM to not only overcome challenges, but also take a leading role in providing cutting-edge solutions that drive progress in the industry.



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