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MSP was the Top Performer

How MSP Can Help Achieve a Breakthrough in Cobalt Thin-Film Deposition

A Staff Scientist in charge of evaluating the release of precursor vapors at a global semiconductor device mega-manufacturer with over 250,000 employees found himself facing a significant challenge in his quest for precision and efficiency: how to improve the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) process for Cobalt thin film deposition. He was looking for a solution that can run 24/7/365 without clogging issues. This is the story of how MSP, a Division of TSI®, became the top performer for this major semiconductor manufacturer.

The Challenges: Unlocking the Potential of Cobalt Thin Films

Cobalt thin films play a critical role in semiconductor manufacturing, enabling the development of advanced electronic devices. However, achieving the desired deposition rate and uniformity with Cobalt Cyclopentadienyl Tris Butyl Aluminate (CCTBA) - the chosen precursor for this purpose - presented a formidable challenge.
The hurdles were daunting: Firstly, the CCTBA has an extremely low vapor pressure, making it difficult to generate a sufficient amount of vapor for a suitable deposition rate. Secondly, the low thermal decomposition temperature of the precursor limited the operating temperature range, which led to instabilities in the deposition process. Thirdly, the incomplete evaporation and thermal decomposition led to clogging issues that interrupted production and increased downtime. Last but not least, the rapid decomposition of CCTBA when exposed to heat required careful handling and storage, which further complicated the process.

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The Solution: MSP's Innovation and Expertise

Recognizing the pressing challenges faced by the semiconductor manufacturer, our MSP's Senior Vapor Delivery Specialist committed to finding a solution that would transform their operations. We engineered a state-of-the-art vaporization system that efficiently converts CCTBA into vapor at higher flow rates, ensuring stable ALD process output, addressing clogging, extending CCTBA shelf life, and reducing liquid waste and costs by applying heat only at the point of vaporization. Crucially, our solution allowed for higher flow rates of CCTBA while guaranteeing reliability and preserving the liquid by applying heat only at the point of vaporization, a departure from the previous method. Leveraging our vaporization system and collaborating closely with the Staff Scientist, we optimized temperature settings to deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance, marking a significant advancement in semiconductor manufacturing operations.

A Transformative Impact as a Result

The impact of MSP's innovative solution was nothing short of remarkable. Our solution was superior to all other options, delivering exceptional vapor output, improving deposition efficiency and reducing production bottlenecks. In addition, MSP's system provided extremely stable and tunable concentration performance, giving the semiconductor manufacturer precise control over their ALD process. In addition, by eliminating the need for heating prior to evaporation, MSP has helped to significantly reduce the waste associated with thermal decomposition, resulting in considerable cost savings.

Shaping the Future of Semiconductor Manufacturing

The breakthrough of MSP’s semiconductor customer in Cobalt thin film deposition marked a pivotal moment in the process the Staff Scientist is in charge of. The innovative approach revolutionized their ALD process, providing efficiency, stability, and cost-effectiveness that totally met their expectations. As technology continues to advance, MSP stands at the forefront, ready to tackle the most challenging issues in semiconductor manufacturing, enabling our clients to shape the future of electronics and innovation.



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