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MSP introduces New Turbo Liquid Flow Controller

Apr 20 2021

MSP Turbo LFCMSP, a Division of TSI, is proud to release the new MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller (LFC) for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) applications. Built on field-proven technology, the MSP Turbo™ LFC was specifically engineered to work with MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers to provide best-in-class performance for liquid delivery applications.

With an ultra-fast response time and world-class accuracy and linearity, the MSP Turbo™ LFC enables faster throughput, higher yield, less downtime, and less liquid material cost in your CVD, PECVD, ALD, and MOCVD processes.

Key features of the Turbo LFC include:

  • industry-leading response time — getting to ±1% of set point within 300ms, resulting in shorter processing times and less liquid waste
  • exceptional repeatability to reduce chamber-to-chamber and tool-to-tool variation
  • change liquids without factory recalibration using field adjustments
  • PID tuning not needed for every process change, and when needed, adjustments are easier to make
  • wide flow range, full scale units from 200mg to 40g/min
  • more protection from environmental variability
  • onboard diagnostics to provide you with real-time health monitoring of your LFC

“Newer CVD and ALD processes are requiring more advanced hardware solutions. The TurboTM LFC works with our TurboTM Vaporizers to provide extremely stable, high quality vapor with ultra-fast on/off times and low/no maintenance”, states Kathy Erickson, MSP Global Product Manager.

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