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SureFlow Adaptive Offset Controller 8682

SKU: 8682

Discontinued Jan 1, 2020. Recommended replacement Lab Room Controller (LRC).

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

The TSI SureFlow™ Adaptive Offset Controller Model 8682 is an excellent laboratory pressure controller, designed to maintain more exhaust from a laboratory than is supplied to it. This negative air balance helps ensure that chemical vapors cannot diffuse outside the laboratory, complying with requirements in NFPA 45-2000 and ANSI Z9.5-2003.

The SureFlow Model 8682 also controls the temperature of the laboratory space by modulating reheat and the supply air volume. Optionally, a room pressure sensor can be connected to the SureFlow Model 8681 controller to correct long-term changes in the building dynamics.

The Model 8682 easily integrates to the building management system using either alarm relays or digital communications. The Model 8682 supports the open Modbus® protocol.


  • Laboratories

Included Items

  • Digital interface module
  • Adaptive offset control module
  • Controller output cable, 25 ft
  • Transformer, 120:24 VAC, 25 VA
  • Transformer cable, 25 ft

Features & Benefits

  • Integrates temperature control into laboratory ventilation control
  • Optional LONworks communications
  • Stand-alone room pressure control provides system reliability
  • Flow tracking control ensures stability in the HVAC system
  • Audible and visual alarms warn staff of unsafe conditions
  • Network communications allow for building-wide control efficiencies
  • Convenient keypad and display support local programming
  • Passwords prevent unauthorized access to controller functions

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