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Compare TSI Cleanroom CPC vs 0.1 Micron Particle Counter

The AeroTrak® Cleanroom Condensation Particle Counter 9001 is specifically designed for ultra-clean semiconductor manufacturing. It provides incredibly low false-counts and real-time 10 nm sensitivity nanoparticle detection at a 0.1 cfm flow rate for detecting particles in the air or inert pressurized gases—something 0.1 µm particle counting instruments cannot.

10 nm Measurement Like No Other!

TSI AeroTrak 9001 Cleanroom CPC is the only water-based, laminar flow CPC on the market that can run continuously, 24/7, or as a standalone unit. With this instrument, TSI enables customers to reduce risk and make process improvement decisions based on real data—and not zero counts.

Find out how the AeroTrak Cleanroom Condensation Particle Counter can lower your risk and drive easy, no-fail audits.