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TSI Link Report Creator

Data Analysis Simplified for Better Decision-Making

Easily manage and analyze your air quality data with the TSI Link™ Report Creator. Included with your TSI Link™ subscription, this tool automatically imports, aggregates, formats, and processes your data, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft® Excel®

Through TSI Link™ Report Creator, users can save time accessing diverse Excel® templates for their studies, including charts and graphics, that facilitate data analysis and reporting. 

Start now to save time and simplify reports generation!

Benefits for You

  • Seamless cloud data connection with TSI® OmniTrak platform 
  • Quickly get automated custom reports in Excel® in few clicks
  • Smart data visualization through the Layout View 
  • One-stop solution for multiple projects and applications



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Application Notes



OmniTrak PM + VOC (ppm) Module

Particulate Matter (PM) and VOC-PID (ppm) Module for TSI OmniTrak™.


OmniTrak VOC ppm Module

VOC-PID (ppm) Module for TSI OmniTrak™.

This product is only...

OmniTrak PM Module

Particulate Matter (PM) Module for TSI OmniTrak™.

This product is only...

OmniTrak Smart Station

The OmniTrak™ Smart Station can be used in conjunction with any OmniTrak™ module...

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