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TSI Link™ Subscription renewal details

We are happy that you are interested in TSI Link Solutions!

You can find below renewal options for your TSI Link subscription: choose the plan that best meets your needs.
Please note that renewal prices are per unit and in US Dollar. Unless subscriptions are changed or cancelled, the subscriptions will autorenew every year.

TSI Link subscription options for BlueSkyTM or AirAssureTM Monitors 

TSI Link Software + API Data Services

  • Complete solution for accessibility, connectivity and insights
  • All TSI Link Premium Software features
  • All TSI Link API Data Services features
  • Renewal price 1 year: $ 150

TSI Link Premium Software

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Remote device management and calibration
  • Real-time alert notifications
  • Map live view
  • Share data with your team
  • Renewal price 1 year: $ 100


TSI Link API Data Services

  • Seamless data integration with BMS, BI tools and analytical software
  • Send data to your own platform/website
  • Intelligent data visualization and reporting
  • Renewal price 1 year: $ 50


TSI Link subscription options for OmniTrakTM Solution     

  • Main features included:
    • Smart Station software to manage and monitor studies
    • Automatic loading and storage of study data in TSI’s secure cloud
    • CSV data upload function
    • Study Manager software for organizing and sharing studies
    • Access to Report Creator tool with multiple report templates
  Renewal features Renewal Price
TSI Link™ Standard Connected Subscription  1 GB storage, 200 CSV imports $ 250 for 1 year, per account
Device software access NA $ 50 for 1 year, for each module and each smart station

In case of additional purchased storage and imports, reach out to your TSI Sales contact.

Not sure which plan is right for you?
Ask the team at technical.services@tsi.com