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Manual-Load 10 nm Particle Deposition System 2300G3M - 10 nm

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This manually-loaded particle deposition system deposits PSL and SiO2 spheres as small as 10 nm. Calibrate and qualify your defect inspection tools with ease, confidence, and efficiency by producing high volumes of high-quality custom contamination standards. Manual loading allows a wide range of substrates to be deposited including 150 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm wafers, supporting of all of your wafer metrology applications and improving product yield.

Product Details

The Model 2300G3M Particle Deposition System offers best-in-class performance for deposition of particle size standards (including MSP NanoSilica™ Size Standards) on bare, film, and patterned wafers. Using advanced particle generation and Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA) technology, the 2300G3M controls the modal diameter of deposited particles with sub-nanometer repeatability and SI traceability for demanding metrology applications in semiconductor manufacturing. With the capacity for 16 particle suspensions and a DMA-mode operating range of 10 nm to 2 µm, virtually any inspection tool calibration curve can be generated via deposition with a single automated recipe.


  • Traceable inspection system calibration
  • Matching legacy wafer contamination standards
  • Incoming bare wafer inspection/qualification
  • Determining inspection sensitivity for proprietary films
  • Blanket film monitoring
  • Inspection tool development and qualification
  • Process tool qualification, process learning and monitoring

Features and benefits

  • Full (blanket), Spot, Arc, and Ring deposit patterns
  • Precise recipe control of deposited particle size
  • Nanoparticle atomization for clean particle generation to 10nm
  • DMA size classification for narrow size distribution selection
  • Minimization of particle clusters and residue particles
  • Recipe control of deposit pattern width
  • Recipe, deposition, and suspension analysis reports
  • Ergonomic design
  • Worldwide service and support

Advanced inspection systems are required to detect tiny defects, and this is where particle deposition comes into play.Advancing Semiconductor Inspection Tools: Precision 10nm Particle Deposition

Identification and classification of defects as small as 10 nm are essential for maintaining high yields and quality. Detecting such tiny defects poses significant challenges. Learn how to overcome these challenges.

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