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AeroTrak Remote Particle Counter with Integrated Pump 6310

SKU: 6310

Flow Rate 1 CFM (28.3 L/min) / Particle Size Range 0.3 to 25 μm / Integrated Pump

Product Details

AeroTrak® Remote Particle Counters with Integrated Pump are independent monitoring systems condensed into an easy-to-clean 316L stainless steel enclosure. The integrated clean pump eliminates the need for an external vacuum source. Four standard analog inputs help to reduce installation and integration costs.

Model 6310 offers four size channels: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, and 1.0 μm at 1 CFM (28.3 L/min) sample flow rate. The sample inlet capping auto-detect automatically stops the blower and prevents accidental damage.


  • GMP Controlled Areas
  • Isolators
  • Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS)
  • Cleanrooms
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace

Features and Benefits

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Eliminates the need for centralized vacuum system
  • Internal blower has no carbon vanes and low heat gain
  • Hot-swap optical sensor and pump slide out as a single assembly for fast and easy maintenance, no tools required
  • Sample inlet capping auto-detect automatically stops the blower and prevents accidental damage
  • Standard four 4-20 mA analog inputs reduce environmental sensor integration and installation costs
  • Easy-to-clean passivated 316L stainless steel enclosure, sample probe and cap, which are resistant to cleaning solutions
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP), serial Modbus RTU, and 4-20 mA analog data outputs enable seamless integration into most software, including TSI’s FMS software

Meets International Standards

  • 1 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow rate, up to four channels of particle data including 0.5 μm per US FDA Aseptic Processing Guidelines
  • ISO 21501-4 compliant calibration delivers consistent instrument counting and sizing performance
  • FMS 5 monitoring software integration enables 21 CFR Part 11-compliant data collection