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Certifier™ Pro Flow Analyzer

When Workflow Speed and Accuracy Matters

Certifier Pro Flow Analyzer

Full-featured benchtop gas flow analyzer for biomedical test applications

TSI Incorporated is proud to announce the release of the new Certifier™ Pro Flow Analyzer benchtop model. The Certifier™ Pro Flow Analyzer combines high and low flow, pressure, and oxygen concentration measurements in an easy to use, all-in-one flow analyzer.

Using TSI flow sensing technology enables the Certifier™ Pro to accurately measure flow over a wide dynamic range with fast response and low pressure drop.

The new Certifier™ Pro Flow Analyzer offers a familiar user interface with a durable design and trusted measurements, making it the ideal solution for your biomedical testing needs.

TSI Certifier™ Flow Analyzers can be used to test mechanical ventilators, anesthesia delivery machines, oxygen concentrators, medical insufflators, oxygen blenders, and more.

ISO 17025 Accredited Version

Easy to set up and operate

The Certifier™ Pro simplifies your test setups with its all-in-one benchtop design.

  • Integrates High flow, Low flow, Pressures, and Oxygen % into a single package – making for faster test setups
  • Large color touchscreen display is mounted at an angle for easy data viewing
  • Incorporates an intuitive user interface and familiar design that’s simple to understand and operate
  • Save your configuration setups for different models under test and quickly recall the configurations at a later time 

High accuracy measurements

The Certifier™ Pro incorporates proven TSI flow sensing technology to enable precise measurements.

  • Measures with 1.75% of reading accuracy over the entire flow range
  • TSI flow sensing technology has been trusted for decades by the world’s largest medical device manufactures
  • Certifier Pro delivers high performance measurements at an affordable price

 Advanced data aquisition and reporting

The Certifier™ Pro makes it easy to capture, view, and export data for reporting or data analysis.

  • Capture screenshots of your measurements or graphed data and attach to your test reports
  • Log measurement data at 1000 Hz or log for up to 5 days continuously

High performance design

The Certifier™ Pro offers high performance that fits into your equipment budget

  • Increased portability from its small footprint and battery operation
  • Built rugged to withstand biomedical test environment and regular travel
  • Simple design and operation reduces instrument complexities and costs

Calibration and Service

Looking to calibrate your TSI Certifier™ Flow Analyzer? TSI now offers worldwide service! To find out about our service, calibration, and repair options, visit our Flow Service page.

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