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Certifier™ Plus Display Interface Module 4089-F

SKU: 4089-F

The Certifier™ Plus Interface Module connects to and powers the Certifier™ Plus High Flow and Low Flow Modules. The touchscreen display on the interface module is used to the control the Certifier™ Plus Test System and display measurement readings and breath waveforms in graphical form.

Product Details

The Certifier™ Plus Flow Analyzer system can be used to test mechanical ventilators, anesthesia delivery machines, air oxygen blenders, medical insufflators, oxygen concentrators, and more.

The Certifier™ Plus Interface Module 4089-F is one half of the Certifier™ Plus Test System 4080-S and is used in conjunction with the Certifier™ Plus High Flow Module 4081 and Certifier™ Low Flow Module 4082.

4089-F Kit Includes:

  • Certifier™ Plus Interface Module 4089
  • Protective cover
  • Cable, flow module
  • Oxygen sensor kit
  • Power supply 100/240 VAC to +12 VDC, 2.1 mm plug
  • Plug set with NA, UK, EU, CN, and SAA connectors
  • Battery, Lithium-Ion, 7.2V 6.4 AHr (pre-installed at factory)
  • 1.0L adult test lung
  • Mounting kit, interface + flow module
  • Adapters: 22mm F to 22mm F and 15mm M to 22mm F
  • Capacitive touch stylus
  • Deluxe fitted carrying case

4089 Interface Module Features:

  • Durable design - includes 2 year standard warranty
  • 5-inch, color touchscreen (capacitive)
  • 2 flow module connectors
  • AC adapter 12 VDC, 3M minimum
  • Up to 8 hours continuous battery operation
  • User configurations
  • Log data and take screenshots
  • Export via USB-A port
  • USB communications interface
  • Dimensions 20.5 x 10.6 x 7.3 cm
  • Weight 0.85 kg