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Aerosol Sampling Manifold M32-01

SKU: M32-01

Expands particle monitoring capabilities in various locations using one particle counter with 32 sampling point manifold.

Product Details

Reliable, periodic particle monitoring option to collect trend data in large cleanrooms running less critical processes, not requiring continuous monitoring. Monitoring using an aerosol manifold system drives more efficient periodic particle monitoring using less instruments—one particle counter works with 32 sampling point manifold for various locations—to improve yield.

Features and benefits

  • Multiplexed monitoring for up to 32 locations
  • Short purge time
  • Economical price per sample point
  • Bi-directional control capability
  • Sample runs of up to 125 feet (38.1 m)
  • Programmable sampling point sequences
  • Compatible with TSI 1 CFM (28.3 L/min)  AeroTrak™ Portable Particle Counters and AeroTrak 7110 Remote Particle Counter
  • Controlled by FMS 5 Software
  • Integrated controller minimizes complexity
  • Port for pressure sensor to ensure accurate vacuum flow
  • Compliance to ISO 14644-2

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