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The Turbo™ LFC

When high performance is the only option

MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller

MSP's new LFC for CVD and ALD Processes

The new Turbo LFCDesigned for use with MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers

Built upon field-proven technology, the NEW MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller is specifically engineered to work with MSP Turbo II™ Vaporizers. When paired together, our new LFC and direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizers provide best-in-class performance for liquid delivery applications (including CVD, PECVD, ALD, and MOCVD), resulting in faster throughput, higher yield, less downtime, and less liquid material cost.

Our new liquid flow controller contains both a liquid flow meter and control electronics, which can control the piezo valve on our PE MSP Turbo II™ Vaporizers. The MSP Turbo™ LFC can also control vaporizers without a piezo valve using the optional external piezo valve accessory.

Now you have the ability to purchase your liquid flow controller and vaporizer from a single manufacturer, ensuring your process has the highest quality vapor delivery solution available on the market.

CVD Wafer Machine

There is no room for error

MSP’s Turbo LFC provides world-class accuracy and linearity, supplying the high performance you need to support your high-precision semiconductor process.

Stack of wafers held by a semiconductor cleanroom workerFast because time is money spent

Designed for speed, our new Turbo LFC has an industry-leading response time – getting to ±1% of set point within 300ms. This saves time and money by increasing throughput and reducing waste. Fast response also makes the 2950 LFC an excellent choice for short pulse processes like ALD and short pulse CVD.

Repeatability means control

The Turbo LFC’s exceptional repeatability helps users to reduce chamber-to-chamber or tool-to-tool variation, enabling better yield and higher throughput.  Processes can be more tightly controlled – allowing manufacturing engineers to know sooner if the process is moving out of control.

Flexibility can enable innovation

PID tuning made easy

The flow sensor in our Turbo LFC doesn’t require PID tuning for every process change, and when it is required, PID adjustments are easier to make. The speed of our sensor provides good response time performance using less aggressive PID settings, meaning that the “out of the box” PID values can be used for a wide range of set points and process conditions without needing to be changed.

If your application requires an ultra-fast response rate, our user software makes it easy to adjust the PID settings, watch the flow curve, and calculate the time to achieve your set point.

Semiconductor Cleanroom worker
Change liquids without factory calibration

For best accuracy, factory calibration with your chosen liquid is still the best option. However, you have the flexibility of using a variety of liquids without waiting for factory calibration by either:

  1. Performing field calibration using your liquid and the Turbo LFC user software; or
  2. Inputting the viscosity and density of the liquid to make a mathematical adjustment to the flow controller response.

This quick field adjustment, while not as precisely accurate, gives you a quick repeatable measurement enabling you to speed up your development process and reduce the number of LFCs needed.

Stack of wafersWide flow range options

With full scale units available from 200mg to 40g/min, the Turbo LFC can provide the liquid flow control performance you need across a wide range of applications.

More protection from environmental variability

The flow sensor design in the Turbo Liquid Flow Controller is less affected by environmental temperature changes, and the sophisticated control algorithm compensates for environmental temperature and pressure changes. Together, these features provide high quality flow control in a variety of process environments.

Improved communication protocols

There are more communication options available to control the Turbo LFC, including EtherCAT, and RS485.

Enhanced reliability

With onboard diagnostics, your new LFC gives you access to real-time health monitoring, so you can be sure your instrument is working properly.

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