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PresSura Cleanroom Monitors 8631-CRM

SKU: 8631-CRM-P

This unit has been discontinued as of December 15, 2016.

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

Contamination control is of utmost importance in clean room. High air change rates and laminar air flow are two of the methods used to keep impurities away from critical product. Yet, these measures can become ineffective if the clean room pressure differential should go negative, in effect sucking contaminants in. PresSura™ cleanroom pressure monitors constantly measure the room pressure differential, signaling if the space goes negative so appropriate action can be taken.

The PresSura Cleanroom Pressure Monitor 8631-CRM-S is designed to measure the pressure differential in clean rooms. The Model 8631-CRM measures the actual room pressure differential using TSI's unique bi-directional pressure sensor or a pressure transducer. If the pressure differential is too great, too small, or the wrong direction, the Model 8631-CRM will activate audible and visual alarms. An adjustable alarm delay avoids nuisance alarms when a door is opened.

The 8631-CRM easily integrates to the building management system, using LonWorks®, an analog output of the measured pressure differential and alarm relays.


  • Cleanrooms

Included Items

  • Digital interface module
  • Flush-mount thermal pressure sensor assembly
  • Transformer, 120:24 VAC, 25 VA
  • Transformer cable, 25 ft

Features & Benefits

  • Maintaining pressure differential called for in Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Direct pressure measurement provides continuous monitoring
  • Second pressure sensor input monitors air lock-corridor pressure differential
  • Audible and visual alarms warn staff of unsafe conditions
  • Convenient keypad and display support local programming
  • Passwords prevent unauthorized access to monitor functions