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Mass Flow Meter 41213

SKU: 41213

This unit has been discontinued. 

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

TSI Mass Flow Meter 41213 (20L/min N2O 1/4" tube)  is fast, accurate, and has a very low pressure drop for critical measurement applications. The 4100 series mass flow sensors are specified as 2% of reading. One TSI mass flow sensor covers the same range as three or more "percent of full scale devices" ... with better accuracy at most points.

Fast four-millisecond response ensures accuracy in fluctuating flows. This fast response is ideal for closed-loop control systems and integrated volume measurements. Low pressure drop minimizes flow circuit back pressure and its impact on the system.


  •  Medical  
  •  Industrial 
  •  Laboratory 

Features & Benefits

  •  Fast and accurate 
  •  Low pressure drop