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EZRaman-NP Series Portable Raman Spectrometer

SKU: EZ-N-7A1S-10-112

EZRaman-NP Series Portable Raman Spectrometer is discontinued.


Product Details

EZRaman-NP portable Raman spectrometers are a step up in performance for low-cost portable Raman analysis. The EZRaman-NP system improves upon the sensitivity of most affordable Raman instruments for fieldable applications. It is ideal for substance identification, teaching, and quality control and other applications needing an affordable, portable, and flexible Raman spectroscopy tool.


  • Chemicals
  • Gemology, mineralogy, and geology
  • Teaching instruction

EZRaman-NP spectrometer options and models

TSI offers three models for the EZRaman-NP Raman spectrometer. Choose by laser, wavelength, spectral resolution, or other options.

EZRaman-NP Spectrometer Models

Model Laser Wavelength Range Laser Power Avg Spectral Resolution Detector Temperature
EZ-NP-5B1S 532nm 100-3300 cm-1 0-50 mW 7 cm-1 -25 Deg C below Ambient
EZ-NP-7A2S-30-112 785nm 250-2350 cm-1 0-300 mW 6 cm-1 -25 Deg C below Ambient
EZ-NP-7B1S 785nm 100-3300 cm-1 0-300 mW 7 cm-1 -25 Deg C below Ambient

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient (f/1.6) optical design yields high sensitivity
  • Powerful excitation laser permits use of shorter integration times, giving better reaction monitoring snapshots
  • Excellent fluorescence rejection
  • Accurate system-to-system and day-to-day repetition. Get the same results every day on every instrument 
  • No moving parts in instrument means highly repeatable and reliable spectral data
  • Intuitive, simple, and powerful software interface
  • No or minimal sample preparation
  • Fiber optic probe enables flexible sampling configuration
  • Compact, lightweight and robust, installed in Pelican case to protect instrument in fielded applications
  • Rugged construction for long-term stability and little maintenance
  • Laboratory performance at a low price

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