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EZRaman-I Series High Performance Portable Raman Analyzer

SKU: EZ-I-5B1S-162

EZRaman-I Series High Performance Portable Raman Analyzer is discontinued.


Product Details

The EZRaman-I Series are high-sensitivity field portable Raman instruments suitable for laboratory and/or field analysis.

The EZRaman-I spectrometer features a highly sensitive spectrograph with CCD cooled to -50ºC. It also includes a high-throughput laboratory fiber optics probe. This tools is ideal for demanding onsite Raman identification, chemical process monitoring in the lab, and many academic, research, industrial applications.


  • Pharmaceutical and food applications
  • Chemicals and polymers
  • Biological
  • Geology/Mineralogy/Gemology
  • Carbon nanotubes, graphene
  • Solar cells
  • Paper & pulp
  • Many other applications

Find the right model for your applications

The following table will help you choose a EZRaman-I Raman spectrometer that meets your requirements for laser, laser power, wavelength range, and detector temperature.

EZRaman-I Spectrometer Options

Model Laser Wavelength Range Laser Power Avg Spectral Resolution Detector Temperature
EZ-I-5B1S-162 532nm 100-3100 cm-1 0-50 mW 7 cm-1 - 50 Deg C
EZ-I-5C1X 532nm 100-4000 cm-1 0-50 mW 10 cm-1 - 50 Deg C
EZ-I-7A1S-10-112 785nm 100-2200 cm-1 0-350 mW 6 cm-1 - 50 Deg C
EZ-I-7A2S-10-112 785nm 250-2350 cm-1 0-350 mW 6 cm-1 - 50 Deg C
EZ-I-7B1S-10-112 785nm 100-3300 cm-1 0-350 mW 7 cm-1 - 50 Deg C
EZ-ID-7A15B1-10 785nm, 532nm 250-2350 nm-1 and 100-3100 cm-1 0-350 mw, and 0-50 mW 6 cm-1 and 7 cm-1 - 50 Deg C

Features & Benefits

  • High sensitivity Raman system for laboratory & chemical process monitoring
  • High performance fiber optics probe (O.D.> 8 at laser wavelength)
  • Best performance/cost ratio
  • Compact, reliable, and easy to use

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